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Just at the end of holiday do I come to accept such a fact: The price that we have to pay for being luxuriously feasted with first two clear and fine days is that we have to endure the smog the rest of the holiday. But wait a minute, maybe my luck is not that bad.

This National Day holiday, I barely visited anywhere but several nearby scenic spots. I kept learning the news the number of visitors to those famous spots hit record high. The Broken Bridge in Hangzhou has turned into a bridge of visitors; The Great Wall has been renamed as “Wall of Men”.

Those who have planned to drive home are having a hard time, too. The traffic jam is so heavy that the express ways became a huge parking lot (one of the rare resources in most big cities in China,huh?). Someone even humorously suggests those who haven’t got married seek their romance in that spacious”parking lot”–You have plenty of time for achieving your success. A couple had to change their plan to a sightseeing visit to Tianjin due the heavy traffic. They previously planned to drive back to their hometown in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.

What are travels or tours for? For me, I travel for pleasure, for fun, and for some time with my family. What if it is ruined by mental tensions during the trip or worries about the return tickets?

Oh my! I’d rather stay at home, even though I have to endure those smoggy days.






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Finally…..Reluctantly, though.

It’s a pretty long holiday and I really enjoy it very much although I didn’t go outside Beijing the whole holiday. Then, tell you what I did and where I went, which was not as what I had scheduled it previously. 

I did go to Shunyi, the suburbs of Beijing and spent a whole day there. It was the first day.  The spot was kind of a leisure park. We strolled among the green trees, camping on the green meadow. We kicked shuttlecock and flew kites.  We didn’t have anything in the countryside. After fishing a while, we returned to downtown for dinner.  

Then , we went to Beihai Park and went boating for some time. When the night fell, we had dinner at a Hakka-style restaurant, a frequented place of mine with my customers. It was nice enjoying the tasty food beside the neon-lit lake, with the noises and melodies from the bars around your ears. 

We didn’t go to the concerts and postponed it till the end of this month, when a famous dance show called “Si Lu Hua Yua”(丝路花雨)will be staged at the Big Egg. It is a show from my hometown province featuring the long history of Dunhuang Grottos. So, it’s worthwhile to be there enjoying something from the place I was born. 

For the rest of the holiday, I mainly stayed home simply relaxing myself.  It was great staying indoors, doing house chore, doing some reading, listening to music, or even taking a nap.   It is a time to slow the fast-paced life style a bit, and enjoy some real leasure time of life. 

A plain holiday is over, and there’s tons of work waiting for me ahead. So, buckle up…….and here we go!

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