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Just can’t help blogging by my cellphone though it’s so inconvenient, because I can do it on my company’s shuttle bus, which saves a lot of time for me. Let’s come up to the chalk,now!

Here’s a news about misers, who are too stingy about their money. A recent study done by some scientists shows that people being too thrifty in money-spending may be traced back to their parents. In other words, you may have genetically inherited parsimony from your parents. If you find somebody’s kept borrowing¬†money¬†or other stuff from you and never repay them, don’t blame him, but his/her parents.

Sounds ridiculous,huh? We Chinese may have blown up at this news, because all of us cannot put up with blames upon our parents. I’m wondering what these ‘scientists’ are doing for,and why they are willing to waste their time on such a meaningless subject.


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