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It is reported that the beneficial policy of free transportation will be canceled due to the heavy traffic burden which has far exceeded capacity of the city’s transport systems. Just one week of its implementation, the policy has to be annulled. 

I’m wondering why such absurdities happen repeatedly all over China. It reflects an irresponsible attitude of our local governments when formulating or enforcing a new policy. Can they be more considerate when putting a new regulation into operation?

This reminds me of the personalized car plates in Beijing several years ago. The local traffic administration announced that the residents could have their car plate numbers tailored by providing the numbers they figured out by themselves. The policy met heating popularity soon after it was carried out, and the administration received numerous applications within a few days. However, problems came up. Some applicants used inappropriate or even vulgar wordings such as USA-, SEX-, you name it. This was beyond the authority’s consideration. They issued another circular that the service had been suspended for further notice. 

Those government officials seem to have always been taking stopgap measures and have never given further thought about the possible unforeseen situations when they’re making a new policy. Thus, such often happen as the urban gas pipelines have been digged up for refurbishment though such work had been done the previous year. Why are they wasting time and money instead of doing something more meaningful?

 Think before you leap, can those bureaucrats think more before they really do something? Try to be well-planned and do not waste our taxpayers’ hard-earned money!


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