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Just can’t help blogging by my cellphone though it’s so inconvenient, because I can do it on my company’s shuttle bus, which saves a lot of time for me. Let’s come up to the chalk,now!

Here’s a news about misers, who are too stingy about their money. A recent study done by some scientists shows that people being too thrifty in money-spending may be traced back to their parents. In other words, you may have genetically inherited parsimony from your parents. If you find somebody’s kept borrowing money or other stuff from you and never repay them, don’t blame him, but his/her parents.

Sounds ridiculous,huh? We Chinese may have blown up at this news, because all of us cannot put up with blames upon our parents. I’m wondering what these ‘scientists’ are doing for,and why they are willing to waste their time on such a meaningless subject.


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The Magic ATMs

Another interesting news. A new type of ATM has begun serving the money drawers in Guangzhou recently. What is magic about this machine is that drawers who wear masks, sunglasses or hats trying to hide their appearances will be rejected. The physical appearances will be required when a drawing request is being processed.

This is indeed a novel idea. Considering those kaleidoscopic ways used by some illegal money drawers, this machine may provide some safety for us card owners to some extent. At least, it will scare some of them away.

However, the more illumination, the more temptation. Some risk takers may figure out more novel ways to circumvent this latest preventive measures, who knows?

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Last night I received a message from sina microblog administrator ,informing me one of the comments I made had been deleted due to some sensative wordings in it. To be honest, I made the comment on a news covering a case in Shanxi Province related to house demolition. A man in his early 50s was beaten to death by some men because he had refused to be relocated due to his disagreement with the developer. Meng, selling tofu for years to save money for his son’s wedding house, was a well-behaved peasant. However, he finally turned to antagonism against the developer when he realized they were plotting to occupy his house without getting nothing but a slip of receipt. The man was beaten to death in an extremely barbaric way.

 I chilled at the administrator’s notice. I feel the power of censorship here.  It’s just like an invisible hand behind you, ready to muffle your mouth any time you’ve said sth’improper’.

How pathetic…..

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Food Or Life?

Here’s a picture from today’s China Daily mobile version. A baby elephant was attacked by a crocodile when drinking water by a pond where the crocodile was hiding. The hungry crocodile was trying hard to pull its prospective delicacy into the water while the calf elephant was straining every nerve to break away from the covetous predator. In a bout for food or life, life’s prevailed this time. Sure, the calf elephant couldn’t have made it without the help from other adult elephants. See, how much unity counts!

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Let’s spotlight Shenzhen this time. A recent sensational news blasted the internet. In a list publicized by Shenzhen local government shows that some billionairs are among those who are receiving housing allowances. The news has aroused great indignation among the netizens and has triggered heating discussions nationwide. The topic has turned into several big question-marks: are these guys whose wealth has to be calculated on billions eligible for receiving such allowances?What on earth is the purpose of housing allowances? Is it something to help a lame dog over a stile or just to paint the lily?
What is Shenzhen local government like in this case? Through this I consider the local government as an apple polisher, a wealth worshipper,a policy-maker as well as a trouble maker who has created further social disparity. It reflects its indifference to the common people. This in their mind, how can they place the common folks in priority and put themselves in our shoes? However,this conception has been so deep-rooted in our officials’ mind that virtually nothing can remove it. A nation in need of the people-first spirit is hopeless…

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Here’s a piece of interesting news carried in Oct. 11th’s China Daily Mobile version:

“October 10 this year, or 10/10/10, was supposed to be such a lucky date that some couples arranged Caesarean sections specifically so their babies would be born Sunday. But Niamh Bond arrived on the 10th day of the 10th month of 2010 all by herself – and, just for good measure, at 10 seconds after 10 past 10 as well, UK media reported. She was born weighing just 1.68kg after being delivered naturally at 8 weeks premature. Hearne, the girl’s mother, said, “When I looked at the clock I was gobsmacked. It is certainly a date to remember.”

 You are lucky enough if you were born on a date with triple tens ( Oct. 10th,XX10), and it’s like a myth in the Arabian Nights if you were born exactly 10 seconds after 10 minuttes after 10 on Oct. 10th, 2010. Niamh Bond, however, has made it by being born with sextuple tens. Isn’t she lucky?

We Chinese regard the figure ten as a state of consummation, or perfection as it contains all the other single-digit figures, and a symbol of auspiciousness or sheer luck. The Chinese idiom of “Shi Quan Shi Mei ” refers to a perfect state that hardly exists in reality, or an illusion.

 However, there are even luckier ones. A lottery ticket bought in UK won a record 113million British pounds on the Euromillions lottery draw last Friday. It is not clear yet whether the winner is an individual or syndicate. No matter what, the person or persons having won the prize would the luckiest one in the world, as the chance was one in 76,275,360… (OO_^_OO).

So, go buy some lottery tickets right away, man! 🙂

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Finally…..Reluctantly, though.

It’s a pretty long holiday and I really enjoy it very much although I didn’t go outside Beijing the whole holiday. Then, tell you what I did and where I went, which was not as what I had scheduled it previously. 

I did go to Shunyi, the suburbs of Beijing and spent a whole day there. It was the first day.  The spot was kind of a leisure park. We strolled among the green trees, camping on the green meadow. We kicked shuttlecock and flew kites.  We didn’t have anything in the countryside. After fishing a while, we returned to downtown for dinner.  

Then , we went to Beihai Park and went boating for some time. When the night fell, we had dinner at a Hakka-style restaurant, a frequented place of mine with my customers. It was nice enjoying the tasty food beside the neon-lit lake, with the noises and melodies from the bars around your ears. 

We didn’t go to the concerts and postponed it till the end of this month, when a famous dance show called “Si Lu Hua Yua”(丝路花雨)will be staged at the Big Egg. It is a show from my hometown province featuring the long history of Dunhuang Grottos. So, it’s worthwhile to be there enjoying something from the place I was born. 

For the rest of the holiday, I mainly stayed home simply relaxing myself.  It was great staying indoors, doing house chore, doing some reading, listening to music, or even taking a nap.   It is a time to slow the fast-paced life style a bit, and enjoy some real leasure time of life. 

A plain holiday is over, and there’s tons of work waiting for me ahead. So, buckle up…….and here we go!

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