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Last Sunday,my wife Alice and I went to the Olympic Forest Park. We went there in our own car.Alice has got her driving license already,but is still not skilled enough to drive on some busy roads.So we have to get on the roads in the early mornings. That morning,we decided to have a walk in the park nearby.Everything was fine and we reached there safe and sound. The following pictures were taken by me with my cellphone.We hadn’t been there for months and things had changed a lot there…. More beautiful than before. A bit hot as it was, the park was  a cozy place for a picnic outside.


The walk was a quick one,partly because Frank was still home, busy with his preparations for the final exam.Everything was fine till we were trying to park our car in our underground parking space in the neighbourhood.The car was almost right in its place when she pressed the accelerator hard. She was too nervous to remove her foot away onto the brake. Then I saw the car bumping backward and almost rushed out of the space.There was several seconds of silence.Neither of us saw why this was happening.Alice was still in the car,dumbfounded. I heard myself shouting at her,”Why were you pressing the accelerator that hard?See where the car is!”She said nothing.And I said nothing more,either. I went to the people in the parking lot and asked for help. With their help, the car was moved in its place.


Lucky that nobody was hurt,and nothing was damaged except several slight scratches on our car that required some repairing work.Later that afternoon,we sent the car to the 4S store with the help of Alice’s brother and everything went back to its order.


When everything was done,we went home. Alice was so nervous that she needed a rest.Then I cooked supper for us. While I was cooking, she went in.She came up to me, her arms circling my waist, her head against the back of my neck. Then she said,”I’ve come to know you are so tolerant….Well,you know,if you had made the same mistake,Iwould have chewed you out…..hundred percent sure..”


Hearing this, I felt a bit misty in my eyes. After a while, I said slowly,”You still don’t know me well enough.. I was angry not because you damaged the car,I was worrying about your safety. It has something more to do with sorry than anger. You know, it’s me who should’ve driven the car,but I didn’t. And that’s why I was so eager to get the driving license as early as possible. So, not because I am tolerant,just because I feel sorry about it.”


God bless me.


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