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My computer broke down when I almost finished a new entry yesterday and everything was gone for good.  Frustrated as I was, I had to rewrite it today.  It was the funny experience I had yesterday.

At noon, I went out for lunch nearby. The day was clean and clear as it had been these days, and I was in a pretty good mood.   I went the Guilin Rice Noodles restaurant which I frequented since it was opened there, and the noodles were delicious and tasty to me( I finally realized it was far from being delicious and tasty after my recent business trip to Guangxi).
There were many diners as it was the high time for lunch. I queued up and finally ordered my food–a bowl of rice noodles without meat.  Standing after me was a foreign guy whose nationality I was not sure about. He ordered the same food as I did.
About 10 minutes later, my food was served and I began to eat it. The foreign guy sat just opposite to me at the same table.  After a while, his food also arrived. To my surprise, there was a whole egg in his bowl while I only had a half ( It wrote on the menu that there was only half an egg for the food we ordered). 
Having had my portion, I went to the boss and asked him,” Do you serve half an egg or a whole egg for a bowl of rice noodles without meat?” Not sure about what I meant, the boss looked surprised and remained silent.
Then I pointed the foreign guy and said to the boss, ” I ordered exactly the same food as he did, but he’s got one egg but I I’ve only got half. Why?” The boss took a tumble and blushed.  He kept saying “sorry, sorry” to me.
To tell the truth, I didn’t feel angry but discriminated.  Although it was a foreigner, we were all his customers.   Is this a sign of friendliness and hospitality of the Chinese?  Maybe, but there maybe something else.

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