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A/H1N1–an imminent threat

Frank, my son, went back from school yesterday evening and told me he couldn’t go to school for a whole week from tomorrow. One of his classmates was said to have contracted A/H1N1 and was in quarantine now. As he was one of those sitting closest to the boy, he was ordered to stay home though he felt everything was fine.

From today, he has to study at home and prepare for the mid-term examination. Meanwhile, his teacher asked him to measure body temperature every day and report to her.

Frank feels quite confused. He asked me, ” Does this do any help? If I’ve developed the disease, you all have close contact with me. And you go to work every day, so all the people in your company will be exposed to the disease. I doubt these measures are effective.”

Frank is right.  At this high time of this epidemic, it is hard to prevent yourself from it. Just prey to the God, it is kind of an ostrich belief.  All of us are under this threat, but it is out of my expectation that it is so close to me now!


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