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The Building in flames

The tragedy swpet down when we Chinese were celebrating the Lantern Festival, and the time when we were embracing the biggest moon in 52 years. It was reported that one  firefighter died and about 30 others were injured.


The fire burst out around 9:00pm last night, when people were crazily lighting the fireworks.

I can see the building every time I go to work. It is very close to my office.  The following picture was taken with my cellphone this morning:

The burnt CCTV building

We can clearly see the burnt surface of the building. It was said the sparkles were to blame for the disaster. However, isn’t it another man-made calamity? Somebody needs to give it more thoughts when they formulate some new regulations. Is it good to allow people to light fireworks or firecrackers in such a heavily populated area?

It’s good that the government considers more about people, but should it be at the price of life and property? There should be some golden mean that balances everything well.


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