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The Roundest Moon In 12 Years

It is a picture of Moon I found on the Internet.  It is reported that we can witness the roundest and biggest Moon in 12 years.  At 19:00 tonight, the distance between the moon and the earth is about 357500km, which is the shortest distance in the past 12 years.  Thanks to this, the moon will be 1/6 bigger than usual tonight. 

I tried to take a picture of the moon at 7:00pm. However, due to the poor performance of my digital camera (Canon Ixus 800) which is not good at taking pictures at night, failed to get a good picture. The moon was only a small bright spot in most of  my pictures. So, I had to look for one online. 

The moon always triggers people’s imagination.  Chang’E, the beautiful fairy living in the moon palace in ancient Chinese myths, the Jade Rabbit, her loyal companion in that lonely place. Wu Gang, the man who had to keep felling a laurel on the moon as a punishment to him.  Artemis, the Godess of Moon in Greek myths……We can name a lot of legends about the moon. 

The moon is also a mysterious place we are trying our best to explore. We have set out our first satellite around the moon last year, and our austronauts had successfully walk a little in the space. Maybe we can walk on the moon in no time. 

Let’s see when we can make it……


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Time For NYR

We’ve finally entered a new year. What will 2009 bring us finally? 

We have experienced a lot in 2008, sorrow mingling with joy. The snow storms at the beginning of the year, the devastating Quake in Sichuan, the Olymplics and Paralympics….And of course one thing that should not be forgotten: the rollercoaster-like Chinese stock market, where many Chinese people have suffered a lot. 

What is my NYR( New Year Resolution)? 

Earn more….

Play more….

More leisure and pastime….

Learn to drive…. 

Too realistic, eh? It’s better to lead a realistic life, though.

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