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During a dinner with a Canadian friend the other day, we talked of age. He was very curious when I told him that we Chinese gave certain names for ages 30, 40, 50,60, 70 and 80, etc. 

At the age of 30, you support yourself and rely on your parents no more(而立之年); 

At the age of 40, you know the true meaning of life(不惑之年)。I’m closer and closer to this age, while I doubt that I’ve got the true meaning of life; 

At the age of 50, you know your destiny(知命之年); 

At the age of 60, you are having more and more grey and white hair(花甲之年); 

At the age of 70, you are one of the rare ones that live a long life(古稀之年); 

At the age of 80 or 90, you are old and revered by the younger ones(耄耋之年); 

At the age of 100….my god…do you really hope to live that long? It reminds me of one of my foreign customers. While chewing the fat after work, he asked me seriously, ” Allen, do you know what I want most after retirement?” “Then, what?” ” I hope to live till 100 years.” I almost got fainted…Jesus, I will one hundred percent not live till that old!


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Terribly busy these days… … 

As scheduled, I went to Langfang on Oct. 8th to submit my bidding documents prepared for a long time at the price of my national day holiday ( and that’s why  I’ve said my 7-day holiday is a busman’s holiday). 

The documents kept me busy all day on Oct. 8th. After I reached the city by train around 10:00pm, I had to sign on all the papers and stamp where necessary. It was a tough job and I stayed up till 2 in the morning. 

Without having breakfast the next day, I went to the tender and signed my arrival. The tender duly began at 9:00, with four bidders present. I was a bid nervous at first but calmed down soon. Anyway, we were the strongest bidder this time. 

At 10:00, the tender was closed. We were told to leave and wait for their decision soon. However, I haven’t got their news till now and have no idea of whom the tender will be awarded. Just wait and see…… 

The global financial crisis seems to be worsening and flooding over every corner of the world. Yesterday, the Chinese stock market plummeted again, close to 1900. I am numb about the index already, but still worrying about the “chickens” I’ve raised for a long time. They are slimmer, frailer, and closer to its doomsday….:) Haahaa…It’s ok. In face of such contagious disaster worldwide, China cannot have a narrow escape.  Again, let’s just wait and see.

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