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From a stunning beginning to an amazing finish, Beijing Olympics has brought us too many surprises and gaieties. Throughout the 16 days, we’d been immersed in excitement and ecstasy with the outstanding performance of our players, or those who came from other countries. 

Now, the great event has come to an end, Beijing Olympics has become an insurmountable benchmark for the sponsors of the Games in the years to come. It has left us a lot of sweet memories. Every day, we are pleased and moved by those who have best annotated the Olympic spirit. We even couldn’t help shedding tears at their perseverence and unyieldingness. 

However, what has Beijing Olympics left us, the Chinese people? 

Volunteers. The Games has provided us a very good window to show our friendliness and hospitality. Most foreigners were welcomed with great fervency when they set their feet on this mysterious land. Whenever they needed help, those kind volunteers came to them with a smile. Thanks to their hard work, our foreign friends from afar felt at home. They deserve those flowers presented at the closing ceremony.

Tolerance. Blames and reproaches flooded China since we had been granted the right to sponsor the 29th Olympic Games. They denounced anything about China: air pollution, human rights; some even threatened to boycott the Beijing Olympics. We accepted those blames and abuses silently, and we answered them with our hard work and unprecedented accomplishments. Tolerance is a virtue.

Understanding. A successful Olympics has improved China’s worldwide image, more and more people around the world have achieved deeper understanding of this faraway country with a long history. China is not a poverty-stricken country with millions of poor people. Beijing is not a city polluted by tail gas and harmful chemicals. They saw a beautiful city with clear blue sky. Understanding is a legacy we’ve inherited from the Games.

Confidence. The Olympics has revealed a country full of confidence to the world. People all over the world has witnessed an ancient country with vigor and vitality. 

What else has the Games brought us? At the subway stations or bus stops, people are queuing up to get on the trains or buses; In the restaurants, smoking has been prohibitted; At the sports venues, people not only give applauses to our own players, but also to those from other countries. People are ready to help those who need help. Less and less rubbish is found in the parks, or in the streets.  The Games is changing every aspect of our daily life. Now, I’m wondering how much rubbish were left at the Bird’s Nest that night after the breath-taking opening ceremony? 

Beijing Olympics, a great event that has influenced us far more than sport itself….


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All these days I have been enjoying a feast of various matches, exhilarated by China’s great achievements during the days so far. 31 gold medals…and still more to come!  

I have been indulged in an ecstasy of delight out of the everfighting spirits those athletes have demonstrated to us. I am touched by their never-give-up conviction, from which I should learn a lot. 

While embracing our own heroes, do not forget to applause to those who have failed. They may have lost the games, but they have won gold medals by realizing the spirits of the Olympic Games. 

The Games has brought peace to the world. Russia and Georgia have agreed not to go to war during the games, and we are happy to see the Iraqi athletes finally show up at the opening ceremony. The Games has brought precious peace to these countries, though it may be a flash of light to them. 

Bravo, Beijing Olympics!

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