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Flying above the clouds again… 

This time, not to the mosaic of the States, not to the immensity of Canada, not to the serenity of the Maldives, but to a faraway inland place in Northwest China, my hometown…Gansu province. 

The flight landed at the airport in Lanzhou, the capital of the province, and it was right after 2 pm. Hurrying to the bus station, I took the long-distance bus to Wuwei. Thanks to the expressway, I managed to reach the city around 8 pm. Then I had to go to take the taxi to my destination, a small county to the west of the city. It was almost midnight when I checked in the hotel. 

Things were not going on smoothly here. I had to stay here a few more days. Anyway, tomorrow may be the last day here, and I can go to my hometown to see my mom–I haven’t seen her for quite some time!I know she’s eagerly waiting for me at home, whereas I have to finish all the stuff here first. 

The small county, dilapidated and dwarf-like houses,it gives me a false impression that I travelled back to a place twenty years ago..Arid and cracked land, bare and lifeless hills…Time seems stagnated here. 

Water is so precious here..However, the hotel attendant told me I had to wait around 10 minutes before I could have a bath with hot water. Precious water is flushed like waste water here…But the crops outside are dying of thirsty. 

Maybe men don’t die of what they have done to the Nature, but the hopelessness of their lethal poison of their notion and belief.


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The day is coming nearer and nearer, and the whole world is eager to know how the opening ceremony would look like on that special evening. Zhang Yimou, the general director of the ceremony, said that it would be even “cooler” than the Athens. It has really intrigued our curiosity. Let’s wait and see…

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