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Beijing in Snow

After getting up early morning, I was amazed at the views outside my window: It was snowing! It was the first snow this winter, and it seemed to be here earlier than last year.

 The sky was gloomy and dark, but the numerous tiny white flakes were dancing in the wind, falling on the gound. The snow must have been falling since midnight, as the meadows and pavement had been covered by a thin layer of snow. The road was wet with mud of dirt and melted snow, and people had already been going to work in twos and threes.

After breakfast, I went to the subway station as usual. The road got so slippery so I had to be very careful. My umbrella kept those lovely snowflakes from falling on my overcoat, but they managed to nestle on my sleeves, some even rushed into my face occasionally. The wind was blowing, but it was not so cold. 

Snow often cheers me up. I like it because it is so pure and white. What’s more, I love its leisurely manner as it was falling down., in contrast with busy birds like me who were hurrying to the station for another day’s work.

Quite not in the mood for blogging recently, partly due to busy work every day.  There was something else. A colleague of mine passed away all of a sudden last week, making all of us very sad. Just the day before his death, we had meetings together, had lunch and went to the subway together.  It was such a shock to us as it was just a few days before his fiftieth birthday.  I suddenly realize the closeness between life and death, they are just like twin brothers.  What a life we are living.


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