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October 1st is our National Day and we will have a one-week holiday from October 1st to 7th. Along with the one-week holidays for the Labor Day ( May 1st–May 7th), we call them “Golden Holidays”. The golden-holiday policy began from 1999, when China was undergoing a long period of deflation and insufficient domestic demand. To encourage people to spend more, the government initiated the idea of an “golden-holiday economy”. During the golden holidays, people traveled and went shopping, and the government succeeded in stimulating the domestic consumption”.


Generally speaking, the policy was successful. It effectively created more demand domestically. People traveled to many natural and historical spots, even went abroad; they went to big department stores, or supermarkets. Since 1999,the economy gradually recovered from the serious recession.


At the same time, however, the side effects of the golden holidays began to emerge. The domestic transportation was heavily burdened; the roads were seriously congested; many famous historic or scenic spots couldn’t receive more visitors,thus some historical or cultural relics were seriously damaged.  


It is said that a new plan is being brewed to cope with the problems that have occured. It’s possible that the golden holidays will be divided into several shorter ones, or allocated to some important traditional festivals such as Mid-Autumn Day or Dragon Boat Day, etc.



How will the golden-holiday policy be reformed? Let’s just wait and see.

And, most importantly, wish you a happy golden holiday!


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Last night, the city of Hangzhou had virtually become the home ground for Brizilian team. They not only blasted over Americans but conquered all the fans witnessing the great match. It finally ended with 4:0, a humiliating defeat for the American team.

The Brizilian team were really fantastic with their unbelievable skills and strong fighting spirits. All the fans there were cheering for them and, in no way to disappoint them, the girls demonstrated them a feast of skills and told them what the true meaning of football games.

While greatly cheered up for them, I felt a little bit pity about our own team. How and when can they do as well as the Brizilians? I think the only thing left for us is to crave, crave for the futureless future!

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Happy Mid-Autumn Day!

Every August 15th of Chinese lunar calendar is the traditional Mid-Autumn Day, a festival  for reunion because the moon is the fullest at that night in the month.   People eat mooncakes and fruit on that day, and family member go back home for a dinner together.

I never forget how we spent the mid-autumn day when I was a little boy. The whole family sat around the table and had a big dinner in the evening. When it was getting dark and the full moon was high above in the night sky, we sat around a small table in the courtyard, eating mooncakes made by ourselves and pears, apples and grapes freshly picked in the yard. 

Mid-autumn day is also a day for nostalgia. People that cannot go back home call their family and send greetings to their families.  A famous ancient Chinese poet wrote a line as follows:

Over the sea the moon shines bright; we gaze at it far, far apart.

Yes, no matter how faraway it is between us, we always cherish our beloved ones in our heart. Happy mid-autumn day!

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(Picture from http://www.sina.com)
In the evening of  Sept. 23rd, the Chinese team lost the game against Norwegians by 0:1 due to the mistakes made by one of the backfielders. It was not an outcome out of our expectation, as our team had suffered more defeats than achieving successes in the past.  So, it was not only because of a silly mistake, but a doomed failure. 

It’s not surprising, and we need not feel bad about it.  We are not strong enough, our skills are not as good as that of those teams such as Brizilians, Americans, Norwegians or Germans. 

The girls should not be blamed. What should be blamed is the beauracratic system, in which so many officials who know little about football are issuing some confused orders.  The system calls for a reform, otherwise we cannot expect anything inspiring from the team.

I hope this will be a bless in disguise for the team. Good luck!

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In the evening of September 20th, Chinese women’s football team fought for their last chance to enter the next round of The World Cup after they lost the game by 0:4 to the Brizilians. The frustrating defeat had impacted the whole team a great deal and the Chinese team were facing a very delicate situation. To enter the next round, they to beat their rival by large score, and the match between Brizilians and Danish would at least  end in a draw. I really worried much about our team lest they would finally fail to go on.  Frankly speaking, they didn’t do very well in the previous matches. In particular, they put themsevles in a very difficult and complicated situation after they had lost to Brizilians by a large score. And finally their fate had to be decided by others.

Chinese team needs more training, both physically and mentally. Their skills need more polishing, and  they are psychologically handicapped.

I think it’s sheer luck that our team has entered the next round. Compared with our formidable rivals( Brizilians, Americans, Germans, Norwegians, North Koreans, etc), they are so vulnerable.

However, I still hope they will do their best. We may lose the game, but we can never lose our resolution.

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A Railway In the clouds

Last Friday afternoon, I had a chance to attend a    for a movie called A Railway In The Cloud. The movie was directed by Feng Xiaoning, a famous director in China. Many of us have been impressed by one of his movies, The Red River Valley.  A Railway In The Clouds, a movie about construction of the first railway from inland China to Tibet, will make its debut  this month.The ceremony began with the movie first.  It was an excellent”>movie although it was categorized as one of the “theme movies”, which usually are homiletic and poker-faced. But I am moved by the movie.  Many people have contributed a lot to it, some even lost their lives.  They worked at such high altitude where there was barely enough oxygen. Many fell down and could not continue their work. Besides, they suffered from the extreme cold, severe gales, and momentary earthquakes. I really admire their courage and efforts.   I’m also expressed by the picturesque scenery there.

Though I’ve been there once, what I’ve seen is just a tiny fraction.  So, if you hope to enjoy the beauty of Tibet, I recommend you this movie. The immense grassland, the jade-like lakes, and the lovely Tibetan antelopes.  If I had a chance to go there again,I would enjoy more other than Lhasa.
Zhou Lijing, the hero of the movie, has grown into such an old man that I did not recognize him until the movie was over.  It has been a lot time since I saw some of his movies, maybe over 10 years…

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