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It is getting cooler and cooler these days, and we are welcoming a few days of rain again. The heat in the hot summer is being driven away by the cool air, and I realize the autumn is waving to us. The autumn in Beijing is like a graceful lady fondling a hot-tempered boy, the scorching and muggy summer.  Now the boy is calming down and falling asleep.  He is saving energy for the next summer.
The autumn in Beijing is nice and cool. If you go to the suburbs, you will breathe the pure and fresh air, and see the mountains covered with leaves of motley colors: red, yellow, brown, and dark green. The sky is so high that your eye cannot reach, feather-like clouds float elegantly above your head, a road snakes far into the mountains.
An overnight stay in a farmer’s couryard would be a lot of fun. Sitting in a chair in the yard, bathed in the moonlight, you feel so relaxed and contented.  Far away from the bustles and dins of the city, it is your own paradise. The whole family sit together, chatting and playing cards.  My son likes it most because he can stay up late and do what he likes in the yard.
Autumn is also a season of fruit.  Many fruit are in season now: grapes, pears, peaches, plums, apricots… I like grapes very much. Now, you can have various kinds of grapes in Beijing, even the ones from Xinjiang.  The juicy fruit always whet my appetite.

Of course, Beijing is a good place for sightseeing. But, have you been to the Summer Palace at dusk? It is more beautiful than in the day. Most of the tourists have left and the park becomes quiet. The trees are lustred by the setting sun, and the lotus flowers are whispering on the water.  The Seventeen-Arch Bridge is right ahead and you can vaguely see the carved stone lions.       I also remember our visit to a small forest park nearby our home last year. It is called Baiwangshan and also a good place to enjoy red leaves in Beijing if you cannot make a trip to Xiang Shan ( It is always crowded at that time). It was late autumn and the leaves had turned red completely. We were amazed at the red everywhere when we climbed up to the top.       Autumn is the best season in Beijing.  Everything is so nice at this time. Maybe you may pay a visit here, from now till mid October. And I strongly recommend you to go to the suburbs, which are much better than the city.


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Nanking, Nanking!

Yesterday evening, I went to see the movie, Nanking. So many movies or documentares I’ve seen, I was shocked again at the bloody scenes. Waht a crime those damned Japanese militaries had committed during those darkest days! And how I admire those fearless foreigners that had saved so many Chinese civilians in the storms of bombs and bullets! Let’s keep their names in our memory forever: John H.D. Rabe George Fitch John Magee Lewis Smythe Bob Wilson Minnie Vautrin Mills McCallum Miner Searle Bates ……….

Do remember:

More than 300,000 innocent Chinese civilians or soldiers were massacred during those days;
August 15th, 1945 was the day when Japanese surrendered.  Japan admitted its defeat!

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The Killer Game

We played Killer Game at our English Pub at noon. Honestly speaking, I am still a greenhand for this game ( It was my second time, though..).  But I found it quite interesting!
Twelve buddies sat around a table and each was assigned with a card. ( Accroding to the rules, A for judge,  K for  killer, J for policeman, and the remaining for civilians.)  We had a judge, two killers, two policemen and seven civilians.
A: It’s getting dark.  Please close your eyes.
( So we did.)

A: Killers, please open your eyes.
(The killers opened their eyes, killed one person and then closed their eyes.)

A: The policemen, please open your eyes.
( Then they did, pointed out the killers they suspected and closed their eyes.)

A: It’s morning now. Everybody, please open your eyes.
(Everyone followed the instructions.)
A: XXX, you are killed by the killers.

Then came a hot debate. The killed person gave his/her last words and told us the suspected ones.  All were trying to point out who were the killers and presented their reasons.  The suspected ones did their best to defend themselves by giving a lot of facts and reasons and tried to clear the doubts in others’s minds. Some even quarreled with each other . What a mess!Haahaa.  Finally, everybody voted and the one who got the most votes died.  However, the killers won the first game because they masked themselves so well. Sometimes it was so confusing that you couldn’t tell who was the killers and you didn’t know when you would be killed, maybe the next round…
We only had one hour for the game and we did it twice.  Unfortunately the killers won.
BTW, I was a civilian and could do nothing but wait to be killed by the killer..:)

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It was around half past four when we left the beach. After putting everything in order again at the hotel, we went to Lianfengshan Park by taxi. The park was only 15 minutes’ ride from the hotel and the road was almost clear (This reminded me of the ever-jammed roads in Beijing), so we arrived there fairly quickly.
The took its name after the mountains in it. Actually the park was built on the mountains. We bought the tickets and entered the park. It was almost the closing time of the park and the setting sun was flaunting its last flamboyance above the horizon not far away. A winding path led us up into the dark-green exuberance of trees. The path was well-paved with flagstones carved with beautiful patterns, and was stretching far into the mountains covered with various unknown trees. As we were going deeper into the woods, the path became bumpy and steep,some part of which only consisted of stairs of huge boulders. And it went up and down with the mountains. Along the path were thick grass dotted with old trees, and from time to time you could also see beautiful flowers in the grass. The sun was casting its shining golden rays on the trees, some penetrating the thick leaves and spreading on the thick grass or ground. Gradually the gold lustre began to fade away and we realized that the evening was coming.

There was a steel tower on the top of a mountain, we climbed up and had a birdview of the city. Matchboxes of buildings were built along the coast, beyond which was the immense sea. Misty fog was drifting like a thin veil among the nearby mountains. On the tower, I was delighted to find a small tower that echoed with this one on another mountaintop. What a view!
Almost one and a half hour past before we reached the exit. The path was always going up and down, some part was so narrow that we had to be very careful when passing it. As we were going forward, a small creek was accompanying us, the gurgling water was singing happily. When the darkness finally reigned the park, we could only hear its murmurs. Then the beautiful lanterns along the path were lit up. They were swaying among the trees just like lovely fireflies.

We went out of the exit and took a taxi back to the hotel. The quiet streets in the day suddenly became a bustling market. The small restaurants by the roadside were full of people, and delicious seafood was served. We suddenly felt very hungry, so we came to one of them and enjoyed a nice feast of seafood.

What an exciting and relaxing day!

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