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It is really a pity I just cannot spare too much time writing something on my vacation trip to Beidaihe these days. The entry suspended several time and I’ve decided to finish it today. I will share some of the pictures I took with you later.
The three-day stay in the city is an exciting experience for me. More importantly, it was one of the few trips the whole family have had together. I failed to join some of the trips during the past several years one reason or another. I felt exhilarated just thinking of this.
We took an express train to Beidaihe in the early morning. Since it was still one day ahead of the weekend (Thursday), there weren’t too many people on the train. Around noon, we arrived at the Beidaihe Railway Station. After going out of the station, we headed for our hotel by taxi. The air was neat and cool, and we had left the extreme heat in Beijing behind.

The hotel we stayed was a three star and we had a brief lunch at the canteen. After lunch, Frank, my son, got so excited that he wanted to see the beach immediately although this was not the first time he saw the seaside. So we put on our swimsuits and walked to the beach. The nearest beach from our hotel was no more than 10 minutes’ walking distance, and we didn’t forget to rent two life bouys—none of us could swim well. The sun was shining above, and the trees spreading their shades along the streets, beautiful flowers were clustering and blooming. We could see people in swimsuits, either walking in groups or in twos or threes.  Sandals on their feet and towels and life bouys across their shoulder, they were strolling to the same place.

Here we were at the beach! There were stunning number of people there and we could barely manage a place. There must be several thousand people there, white or colorful sunshades were strewn along the sandy beach like bright dots. Some people were lying prostrate on the sand to get the sunburn, and some were playing with the sand. There were more people in the water. Some were swimming with their bouys, while others were wading in the shallow water. Something funny was a man swimming in the deep water and dragging a small plastic boat behind. A small dog was crouching in it, trembling with fright. Curious people would swim near the boat and said hello to the poor little dog.
Wearing the life buoys, Frank and I walked into the water. The sunshine had made the water warm and it was very comfortable wading in it. The wind was blowing, the waves rushing to the shore. Sometimes you could barely keep your legs when they came, but when we swam further, we found them losing their mighty power. We were like some small boats poppling in the roaring sea.
Something funny was that my wife lost her glasses when she was trying to swim in the sea. She was so frightened at the waves that she could not keep her balance in the water. And she couldn’t recollect when the glasses were gone. She spent the left time there in mistiness because she was near-sighted like me.

We stayed at the beach for about two hours and left there reluctantly later.  What a day! And something else was waiting for us. I will tell you about it next time.


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We went to a Sichuan Restaurant nearby at noon to celebrate the birthdays of some colleagues who were born during June and July. It was a chain restaurant famous for its original Sichuan cuisine( It is called YUXIN, 渝信,and you can try it when you come to Beijing). It has been a rule for years that the buddies who were born in the month have to invite others to dinner. It is fun indeed.
Asked for annual leave for two days. Tomorrow, my family will be in Beidaihe for a long weekend. The funny part is that it is my first time there though I’ve been in Beijing, a place so close to it for years. Anyway, hope we’ll have fun there.
We’ll go to the beach there. Though I’ve been to some of the best beaches in the world, I’m still curious about it.  Just leave it to my imagination now and it will come clear when I’m there.

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First, I’d like to thank you for your visit to my place these days. I was delighted when you told me you had read through most of the entries in my blog. An English blog attracts fewer visitors due to some difficulties in understanding what I am writing here, and that was why I told you “my sofa is so easy to get..” Heehee. I agree to what you said, I write
in English not to arrest more eyes, but to go on with my old habbit formed many years ago. But, in any case, I always appreciate your support. I am impressed by your English, particularly when I learned that you were a senior high school student that had just taken the national entrance exam in June. As a high school student, your English is fairly good: fluent, with very few mistakes in it. I do think you are qualified as an English major, and you will finally make it!

You also mentioned in your comments that you did not do very well in the exam and might not be enrolled by your ideal college. Sure, you are feeling frustrated. As far as I am concerned, however, college entrance exam is important, but it is not everything. Even if you fail to enter your ideal one, you can still learn what you like in another college. Keeping this in your mind, you will feel relieved and relaxed. You may come acrosss some transitory harships in your life,but it is not the Doomsday, not the end of the world. Just think this way: It took you 10 days to cover 1000 miles, now you need to spend a few more days reaching the destination. It’s just a matter of a bit more time and you can still achieve your goals. It isn’t a big deal, is it? Remember, all roads lead to Rome, right? If I can’t reach my destination through a shortcut, I still have other ways to take. Leave the stuff to yourself and I believe you can manage it well.
guess you also love English and writing in English, too.  I began to write English diaries in senior high school and went on with it for years. Sometimes I would find them out and read. I couldn’t help smiling when reading those “naive” pieces, some even full of mistakes. I know clearly it is they that have been supporting and pushing me forward through the years. Last June, I applied for this blog and resumed writing after so many years of suspension. I think it a good way of sharpening my writing skills while recording something happening in my life. Maybe you can also start doing so. It will surely do much good to your English learning.
After two days of rain, we will have some muggy days again. The sweltering weather is beginning to show its teeth now. Nevertheless, to enjoy the coolness we have to endure the heat first. To see the most beautiful rainbow we have to undergo thunderstorms. Life is always beautiful.
BTW, I recommend you a movie, Pursuit of Happiness, by Will Smith. I am sure you will like it. And you will learn something from it, too.

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