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I can’t help talking about the food on Kani Island as I like eating very much…heehee.  During the several days, we tasted a lot of delicacies there.
Different from other islands, all the food on the island was served free, and several restaurants were almost open all day long and you could go for something to eat almost any time.  Attractively enough, all the drinks and beverages were free, too, which was really a good luck for us given such hot weather.  When you were thirsty enjoying the coziness of umbrage(树荫)of the exuberant palm trees on a chaise longue by the seaside,  you could leisurely go to a bar nearby for a drink. You felt amazingly good under the scorching sunshine with a cold drink in hand.
There were many different cuisines in the restaurant and you could choose whatever you liked there. In the evening, delicious grilled lobsters were served sometimes and you could eat them to the full content of your heart.  At every meal, we went to the restaurant in twos and threes and sat at a table near the window. The colorful waters of the sea were shimmering in the sun not faraway from us.  The gentle breeze passed through the windows and brought us the smell of the water.

It was a buffet and you just toured around in the spacious hall and chose whatever you liked. I prefered those tasty fried rice or fried noodles, with some vegetable on it.  After that, you could fetch some juicy fruits as dessert: pineapples, watermelons, plums, …..and many others I didn’t know the names.
Every night featured a different color on the island. On the night of our arrival, it was white.  A beautiful young girl in a purely white skirt was welcoming us on a swing.  While we were eating, she smiled at us sweetly.  Many guys rushed to take photos with her.

The night was falling, the beach was gradually clear, letting the sea alone near us, murmuring and humming. A quiet night was quietly ruling over the whole island.
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Of 87 islands that was built with hotels and other accommodations facilities in the Maldives, Kani Island is just a tiny islet.  It lies in the Indian Ocean like a short bar stretching from the north to the south. You can walk along the coast around the island within about 40 to 50 minutes; and, within 10 minute you can walk across it from the east to the west. 
As our local guide ( we called him G.O.) told us, the best time of touring in the Maldives is during November to the next April when the weather is comparatively moderate, and March is probably the best among the best. How lucky we were!
Walking around the the island, you can see a lot of coconut trees, dwarf-like houses tucked among the green trees. In the exuberance of green, the roofs of the houses cropping up here and there.  Several small paths wound their way from the beach into the woods, leading you to your own room. Every room was only number of meters away from the beautiful white beach and you could reach the seaside within couple of minutes. In front of my room coconut trees were peppered here and there, the velvety sand almost crept to the door of my room.  Every morning I went to the beach outside to greet the rising sun, every evening I was there enjoying the splendid view of the sunset.
I got up very early the next morning after arrival and had a walk around the island.  Accompanied by the murmurings of the  waves, I began my exploration throughout the island. With my camera in hand, I took pictures while walking forward,trying to collect the fantastic scenery  in my tiny camera.
The sun was hiding behind the grey cloud near the horizon, pale like a small patch of silk. From time to time, it struggled up and showed it face among the apertures of the clouds, tinting the clouds nearby with an bright golden color. As it edged it its way upward, the clouds around it began to burn. The flamboyant flames slowly spread, and just in a few minutes, the whole eastern sky was burning into flames, and the beach, the trees, the bushes, and the flowers–everywhere was rendered with a golden lustre.  What a sunrise!

The sun was creeping up the sky, giving its light and heat. The previously cool and cosy air was being heated, and I couldn’t help sweating as I marched forward.  The soft sand under my feet was becoming scorchingly hot and I had to wade in the shallow water. The waves were still singing happily beside, accompanying my jocund mood.

As I stepped forward, I saw something standing in the water ahead.  It was a big bird! It stood motionless there, like a small statue.  I moved forward gingerly and silently, lest I would scare it.  However, it still stood there as if it did not notice me at all. At one moment I even took it for a sculpture put there by somebody.  While I was tiptoeing  closer to make sure if it was a real bird or not, one of its legs moved slightly.  I marveled at its boldness.  When I moved so close that I could almost reach it, it flapped its wings and leisurely flew away.

The sun was shining  and the air was getting hotter and hotter.  I couldn’t wait to escape from the torridity into my cosy and air-conditioned room.  What was more, I had to get ready for the coming meetings with our customers.

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Let alone the agonizing delay at the capital airport March 25th. Our flight should have left Beijing 2:40pm in the afternoon, but it didn’t untill after midnight. We were told the aircraft was detained at Colombo due to some technical failures, and our excitement had almost been worn off by the time it took off. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Later, our Canadian buddies who arrived earlier told us Colombo Airport was blasted with bombs the day before by TTL members and we narrowly dodged it due to the delay. More excitingly, we happened to grab a chance of enjoying the beautiful views of the Indian Ocean below in the sunshine. It was noon when we reached the Maldives. The airplane was hovering over the immense ocean, above it was the clear sky and the shining sun. It was my first time to see the Indian Ocean, so vast that I couldn’t see its border. The water was shimmering under the sun, its hues varying from emerald to a navy blue. The variety of colors was caused by the different depths of water, like a magic kaleidoscope that you can never tell its next pattern. The plane landed onto the runway and slided on the ground. After it stopped, we began to disembark. All at once we were embraced with hot and humid air of the Maldives. The airport was small and we finished all the formalities quickly and embarked on the speedboat to our destination, Kani Island. The boat was careering on the water, splashing numerous spoondrifts behind it. In such a spacious ocean, our boat was just like a tiny leaf drifting on the water. Forty minutes later, we finally got to our destination: Kani Island. As the boat was berthing at the wharf, I saw people lying casually on teh beach, and the green palm trees. Here we are, Kani Island! Here we are, the beautiful Maldives!

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