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Bon Voyage, Allen!

After only five hours’ sleep, I tumbled up from my bed with sleepy eyes. I had to be at the hotel to see off those Canadians first before I took my flight at noon. Damn! It was just 5 oclock!

Having made sure nobody and nothing was left behind, I waved goodbye to them with a relieved heart. Oh, my! Finally….

However, it never rains but it pours, as an old saying goes. When I tried to unlock the office door, my key was broken..that ginormous doorkey stopped me outside the door.Ooops..I hurried downstairs to the security division of the building, explained everything to them and finally got into the room. For that I had to produce sth in writing as if I were a furtive thief prowling into a place where he was not allowed.

Now, sitting at my pc, I am typing the last piece before my trip. I will surely share my exciting experience with you guys after I come back,maybe with a new column At The Sunny Side Of Life…Heehee. Of course, entries and nice pics( Just wish I’m skilled enough to take some nice pics there.)

Bon voyage, Allen…


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Busy, Buzzing

Really terribly busy these days, for our annual customer conference. The Canadian guys have arrived in Beijing in succession and tomorrow will be the first day of the conference and also the last in Beijing. On 25th, we are leaving for the Maldives–as a friend has put it–the sunny side of life. I believe we will have some gorgeous time in the days to come! Today, the domestic customers will arrive Beijing, too. The meeting will be kicked off early tomorrow morning with some ceremonial addresses, then followed by some reports on the current market.Interpretation work will be much easier this time since several buddies will share the workload this time. The part I will interpret is a report on the current international freight market. Ok, no more blahs, and I’ve got to make more preparations now.

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A Gloomy Day

A gloomy day, and a smoggy day.

When I got up early morning and looked out of the window, I saw wet ground outside. A heavy fog was reigning the neighbourhood and I couldn’t see things clearly. I could only see the vague outlines of the nearby buildings looming ahead like some brooding monsters.

The air was filled with moisture, the wind chilly and cold. The tiny drops were stuck to my hair and dampened my hair. The people were totally at a loss of what to do with the volatile weather and their reaction to it entirely different: Some were walking with an umberella while others didn’t; some were afraid of the rain dampening their overcoats, while others could not conceal their delight and excitement and were enjoying the drizzle to the top of their bent.

It is said the rain in the spring is as precious as oil, and I am as chirrupy as a bird. The spring, full of vitality and energy, is a fresh beginning for me, and everyone else.
Bathed in the relaxing drizzle in the spring, I am praying for a promising and fruitful year.

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A sentimental love song by The Platters.

About the singer: The Platters, one of the most well-known black vocal groups and perhaps the first one that topped the pop charts, was formed in Los Angeles  in 1953. It won such massive popularity among both blacks and whites since its establishment that they claim themselves proudly at a precious gift The USA has offered to the people around the world.  As a matter of fact, their name and their classics have become household words worldwide.

In the year the band was formed, the original members Tony Williams, David Lynch, Alex Hodge and Herb Reed were signed by manager Buck Ram to Federal Records before he met them working as parking lot attendants.

Their most famous pieces must be “Only You” and ” Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”, among many other great hits in world’s rock history.

I heard these two songs when I was in junior school…long time ago indeed..To learn more about the group, please visit http://www.history-of-rock.com/platters.htm.



They asked me how I knew my true love was true.
I of course replied
“something here inside cannot be denied.”
They said “someday you’ll find all who love are blind.”
Oh,When your heart’s on fire,
you must realize smoke gets in your eyes
So I chaffed them
and I gaily laughed to think they could doubt my love.
Yet today my love has flown away, I am without my love.

Now laughing friends deride tears I cannot hide. Oh,
So I smile and say

“when a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes!”

Yet today my love has flown away, I am without my love.

Now laughing friends deride tears I cannot hide. Oh,
So I smile and say
“when a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes!”

(smoke gets in your eyes, smoke gets in your eyes)
smoke gets in your eyes


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It’s the Women’s Day, indeed a day for all the ladies.

Just back from a lunch gathering for all the ladies in our company, and thanks to the Day, we gentlemen had a chance to dine with them.  It was a restaurant nearby our office which served very good Sichuan food.  Our boss told the girls and ladies that they could ask the men in the company to do anything for them, as he said, “to enslave them”…

After the gorgeous dinner, the gentlemen had to return to the office to go on with our work, while the girls had a half day off… Actually, they had planned way early before the noon time. With their bags packed, many of them would spend the rest of the day in department stores, shopping malls, or barber’s shops.

Though I don’t have such privilege to enjoy a half day off, I sincerely wish those buddies a wonderful time. Enjoy your time, gals..but not pals!


A bunch of beautiful flowers for the girls!^_^

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A: Hey, boy! You are wearing a nice watch! Where did you get it? B: Oh…Well, I won it in a race, man.. A: Wow..Really? Lucky you! What race was it? B: Uhh…There were three players in the race. A policeman ranked second and the third place was taken by the owner of the watch. A:…..

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