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Several days ago, I read an article in a friend’s blog entitled Father’s Love Is Like A Mountain. In the article, he shared with us some memorable moments about his father and how he loved him.
It really touched somewhere in the deep bottom of my heart. My  eyes became misted when I read it,coz it reminded me of my own daddy. I am so surprised to realize he has been away from me for twenty years now! I don’t want to recall that sad moment when he left me, just let those sweet memories stay with me.
Father’s love is like a mountain! It has been echoing by my ears these days and taking me back to those happy moments with my dad.
When I read the article again tonight and was moved again by a buddy’s comments there. He compares mother’s love to a river (“water” as is the original text) and I think it such a perfect metaphor. Mom’s love is so selfishless and profound, and is always with you wherever you are.  Mom’s love is like water, so clear and limpid, yet so firm and perseverant.
We are small boats sailing on our journey of life, and father’s love is like a mountain that is always by our side; Mom’s love is like a river (“water” as is the original text), that carries the small boats to the end of the journey…….


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A Letter To My Son

Hi, Frank!
How are you doing in school these days? It’s getting colder and colder now, do take care of yourself since we are not around. I know that you may never have a chance to read this letter, but I’d still like to write it down. I may feel better if I do so.
Remember the party we attended last Saturday at my boss’ house? It was wonderful time to have so many buddies get together with their family members. And we did enjoy ourselves there.
You were very happy all night and flew here and there like a cheerful bird. Uncle Marv even praised your English( He told me how he was surprised when you talked with him in English). I was really proud of you!
However, your good mood was spoiled by what I said to you later. It came when we played cards together with some uncles there. It was your first time to play that and you made some mistakes. I got so impatient and said,” Hey, boy! Why did you do like that? Just use your head, boy!”
Hardly had I finished it when I realized I had done something wrong. Something was glittering in your eyes, and you didn’t say anything. I knew what I had said hurt you. I felt really sorry about it, but could not do anything then.

On the way home, you kept silent. I knew the reason but didn’t say anything to you. Any explanation might be useless as spoilt milk.
The next day, you were cheerful boy again as if nothing had happened last night. But what happened that night kept rushing in my mind. I didn’t say sorry to you as I found it difficult to do so.
 In my eye, you are still a little child. Maybe I should regard you as my friends, not only my son.  I think I need to learn more about you, not as a young kid, but as a grown-up, as a close friend.   We are equal.
I am always your loving Daddy; And you, Frank, are always my lovely son.

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Something Embarrassing

It took place during my physical checkup this morning.

Looking at the sheet in hand, I found there was only one item left. I found the office and went inside. An old lady in her fifties was sitting beside the table. Thinking that I might have been to the wrong place, I handed over the sheet and asked, ” Shall I check it here?”

“Sure,” the lady replied, with a fleeting smile that disappeared as quickly as it appeared. IThere was coldness in her voice.

“O…K,” I murmured.

” Just sit down.” said the lady,and I did.

” Head up!”

“OK,” I said to myself silently.

” Turn left!…And turn right!”

I felt like a robot in front of her.

“Now, stand up,please!” The voice was not very loud, but it seemed an order from a severe commander to his frightened soldier. I obeyed without any hesitation.

“Roll up your trouser legs!” I did as she instructed.

“OK,roll it down.” I was getting a little nervous.

” Now, lower your pants pls.”

” Huh?Are you…?” I hesitated a little.

The lady smiled and said,” yes,just me!”

I believe I must be blushing badly then bacause my face was so hot. Oh my god! Why the hell did they assign a female in this office? Even if she was over 50!

Reluctantly I did according to her request. She gave it a quick glimpse and said, ” OK, done.”

I got everything ready quickly,ready to escape. The lady wrote sth on the paper and smiled at me,” Well, you are fine.”

I just heard myself saying “thanks” to her and left the room without any delay.

How embarrassing!

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   He was standing at the desk, staring at something. There was a dark blue and grey cell phone on it.  A trace of anxiety appeared on his face. After a while, his eyes left the cell and he looked out of the window. It was getting dark outside. Grey and thick clouds were gathering in the sky and a heavy rain seemed to be impending. The green of the tree leaves was condensed to an even darker colour in such a day.
Worries were growing inside him. He began to fidget about in the room, yet his eyes never leaving the cell as if it would disappear in a moment. Finally, he seemed to have made up his mind, put on his coat and rushed out of the door, with the cell phone tight in his hand. Soon,sis skinny figure was merged into gloomy darkness of the night.
The street lamps were casting faint rays on the road, and the wind began to blow, gradually with an enhanced velocity. He was wandering along the pavement,without knowing where to go. Cars and trucks were passing by him. Suddenly, a dark figure stopped him. It was an old woman with a hunchback. She was limping towards him now, with a bunch of newspapers in her arms, and murmuring,” Hey, Sir. I haven’t sold out so many newspapers and it’s getting dark now. Would you do me a favor? Please do help me, Sir.”
He had met the old lady many times on his way to the office. Every time he would buy one newspaper from her. It was not that he needed that, just out of sympathy. He saw the old lady standing before him, imploringly. He was not in the mood for a newspaper now. Under the faint street lamps, he saw something that he was familiar: despair. Something pricked him in a sudden and he could feel the pain in his heart. He fumbled in his pocket for his wallet. He bought one piece and told her,” Just keep the change.”

The rain began to fall, the ground turned wet gradually. He kept walking,holding the cell phone tight in hand. He didn’t know where he was heading, or didn’t care much about it. The raindrops fell on his coat and disappeared, like some little worms squirming into his body. His coat was soaking wet, but he didn’t even notice it………
He felt a little tired, and came to realize that the rain had stopped. His right hand was sore and numb,yet the cell phone was still there, safe and dry. He glanced at it,when the light on the cell began to flicker. Staring at the flickering lights for a while, he pressed the “OK” button.
“Hey…”A familiar voice came from the other side.
 “……”His throat was choked, unable to speak.
“Honey, I’m just so sorry……”
“You know, I…I just…”

He found himself trembling and staggering. He had expected this well before, but it did hurt when it really came. So hurting. He moved forward with stumbling steps. Cars were horning behind him, galloping away quickly. The shrilling sound of the vehicles hurt his ears painfully. Surprisedly, he found himself almost in the middle of the busy street.A car careered behind him, at ghastly speed. It seemed to have lost control and was mad as an uncontrollable horse.
The cell in his hand flew up into the sky and made a perfect curve in the air. Then, it fell onto the ground, smashed into pieces. 
The night was so peaceful. And so beautiful.

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New York, New York!

It was just on September 11th when we arrived in New York. We had a tour around the city by ourselves. Due to the reason known to everyone, we were a little bit nervous. We made jokes with one another: ” We hope we are lucky enough to escape another terrorist attack, if any.” Haaahaa!
As it was a holiday that day, there were many people in the streets. The city was was dirty as I imagined. Garbage was littred alongside the streets, most of the trashcans were full of rubbish. We went to the ruins of the World Trade Center. The spot was encircled with high walls and steel structures, we could only see a deep cave in the middle. The scene recalled what I had seen on TV on that terrible moment. ( Now, I heard a new building will be built on the very place in memory of the sad moment which had been engraved in every Emerican’s memories. )
The NY Stock Exchage was closed that day and we just paid a visit to this famous place that almost dominates the international financial world. And I took a pic with that huge bronze Bull.

Just at the entrance of the Wall Street stood the famous Trinity Church. We entered the church. It was quiet and silent, though there were several tourists in it. I was attracted by those beautiful carvings and decorations on the top of the church, on the walls and on the columns. 
(New York, New York! by Paul Mauriat)
We also visited the UN headquarters. I sent a postcard to my son from there. I was impressed by a sculpture beside the building. It was a huge  pistol with a knotted barrel.  The world was not at peace at all, and wars had claimed so many innocent people’s lives. What we should do was to make our utmost efforts to avoid them.
A visit to the Statue of Liberty was a must, too. We took a yacht and just watched from the river.  As the symbol of the USA, it had been seen almost everywhere in the world: on TV, in the magazines, ……
The most impressive was the Times Square. I saw it on TV many times and was so excited to be there. Tall buildings, colorful neon lights, and bustling people. The city in the night was the most beautiful.
It was quite late when we went back to the hotel and we had to get ready for our next stop: Washington.

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When I was listening to the CD of Paul Mauriat this morning, a piece of music called “I Left My Heart In San Fran” brought those three days in the city back to my memory.
It was in September two years ago. I visited the States with some customers. In 22 days we went around the whole country,including 3 days in Hawaii.
It was early September when we were there,the weather was great. After we had a wine tour arranged by our American clients to  some nearby wineries, which was a different and exciting experience to me ( The pity was I was not a good drinker). The left time was spent touring around the city. My colleague in Canada drove the van for us and we were heading for the famous Twin Peaks. He didn’t go there very often and was not familiar with the route. We drove with a map and had to stop from time to time to ask a passer-by. Finally we were almost there because we could see the famous peaks just looming before us. Our van wound its way up to the top and here we were at the top of the mountain.

From there, you could get a birdview of the city. Matches of buildings were built at the foot of the mountains and some of the streets were quite steep. Hard to imagine how these people would manage in the winter when there was rain or snow. The wind was blowing hard, but the sun was shining. My colleague just pointed some of the well-known buildings to us, but I could not recall them at all. There was a thin mist above the city, and I guessed that might be the dust or some pollution. It seemed that almost all the big cities in the world were facing the same problem: air pollution. The only difference was how far it went.
It’s hard to tell my impression about the city, whether I like it or not. To me, it is just another mega city like Beijing or Shanghai, with tall buildings crowded in the downtown area. But when I come across something related to it, those days just rush into my memory,as vivid as it happened yesterday.
Now,a friend of mine lives there, I wish him happy Mid-Autumn Day. The men living on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean share the same bright moon in the sky.
However, it is so unlucky that we cannot enjoy a clear day in Beijing this evening, and I have to spend a Mid Autumn Festival without the bright Moon.

Anyway, it’s just okay!

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Is It True?

Last night I listened to a radio program. The narratress was reading an article written by “Someone” about what a happy marriage would be like. I almost forgot everything about it except one,which scared, or frightened me: Even in a happy marriage, the thought of divorcing his/her partner may haunt him/her about 200 times, and another 50 times on the verge of throttling him/her to death.

I am really confused and even horrified. What is a happy marriage? Maybe the writer is trying to tell us to be realistic about a happy marriage, instead of being too romantic or idealistic. Lower the expectation, then you will feel frustrated when you encouter some problems. Then you will be coolheaded enough to solve them.

A happy marriage is also an ordinary one.

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