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I loved English songs since I was young. Those beautiful songs have become part of my life, part of my past sweet memories.
1. Yesterday Once More-The carpenters
The first time I heard this song was in junior school. Soon,I was fascinated by its beautiful tunes. Not only did I like the lyrics and melancholic tunes, I loved the sad and nostalgic mood the song conveyed to me.  Though it was sung by a Chinese singer, I loved it very much. Later, I listened to the original version by Karen Carpenter, and was completely subdued to her enchanting voice. The song accompanied me till my first love ended up before I went to the university( Actually it was just a one-sided love, I wrapped up my feelings and left my hometown without saying anything to the girl, even not knowing whether she loved me or not.)

2. Love Story
It was 1987 when Fei Xiang became the idol for almost all the Chinese youngsters. I was not exempted, either. His songs were all the rage and could be heard in the every corner of the street.  I bought all his tapes and listened to them again and again. This song was listed in his first, and perhaps the best album. The beautiful song seemed to have touched the bottom of my heart and I learned it quickly. I was a grade-one student in our high school. Though I couldn’t understand that feeling completely and didn’t know what true love was, I was encaptivated by this song that seemed to come from the heaven.
Two years later, I entered the university. It was near mid automn day. I sang the song at the party for the freshmen. I was so happy to share it with my new classmates and friends.
Then I saw that movie in class and got deeper understanding about the song. I still keep in mind that famous line of the heroine: Love means never having to say you are sorry.

3. Careless Whisper-Wham
I began to like this British music band when I was in college. The band was very popular in 80’s. Last Christmas, The Edge of The Heaven… All these songs were a little be sad telling stories about those parting lovers.  I liked George Michael very much and listened to their songs without any boredom.
I learned the band visited Guangzhou in 1985, when China was still ruled over by those boring revolutionary songs and old-fashioned “romantic songs”. Their songs really brought some fresh air from outside China.
It was a pity the band was dissolved early 90’s. George Michael started afresh his own career. However, my passion for him was gone and have never listened to his songs since then.
4. Scarborough Fair–Paul Simon & Garfunkel
I like some of Paul Simon’s songs: those not that metallic and noisy. The first time I heard it, it reminded me of the girl I loved secretively ( now she has become my wife): Quiet, smooth, but firm at heart.

Other songs I like are: The Sound of Silence, The Bridge Over the Troubled Water and If I could.
5. As Long As You Love Me-Backstreet Boys
The group is now my favorite one now. Though they are not a new one, I still love their songs. As I grow older and older, I have less and less time enjoying music and songs. But their songs give me a kind of resonance.
It’s a pity that I couldn’t go to their live show last year, but it might be a blessing in disguise. No one will feel happy to see their idols getting old. Anyway, I’m not young any more.
The leisurely time seems to have been long gone and I have some mixed feelings recalling the past. Happiness, sadness, madness and craziness, all have been left behind. Memory is memory, tomorrow will be another day!


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