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Like many Chinese kids, my son loves those western fast food very much. I should say it’s not love, but craze.
When the first KFC was opened in Lanzhou in early 2000, my son was only 4 years old. We took him there and, after having queued up for at least over 40 minutes, we finally got our food, squeezed  our way out and found  two seats for us in the crowded restaurant. From then on, his interest in such fast food developed rapidly.
In 2002, we moved to Beijing. The little kid was so delighted to see so many choices of fast food in Beijing: McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Le Jazz, Origus…..At the beginning,the kid’s interest was mainly in KFC and then quickly shifted to McDonald’s. Gradually,he was so fond of it that he could finally say almost all the items there in English now( Anyway, partly pushed by me, because I repeated to him many times I would only buy those items that he could tell me their English names!) I knew well it did no good if he had such food too often, so I set the rules for him: We could only go to such restaurants once or at most twice a month. And he’s kept it firmly in his little mind.
I can’t tell exactly when the kid showed his interest in Pizza Hut.  I remember clearly the first time when I took some pizza home for him, the kid tasted it and frowned, ” What is it on that pancake? Just like nasal mucus!” Oh, my god! I almost got faint at what he had said.

As he grew older, I suddenly found the kid began to be interested in pizzas, and such interest quickly developed into a kind of craze,the speed of the process was far beyond my imagination. He not only loved the those stuffs he once called ” mucus”, but repeatedly asked me to take him there. More to my surprise, he seems to know much better about the latest items offered there and always found the best choices. In front him, I became a greenhand and he a master. I asked him how he knew about this, he proudly told me he had learned it from the TV commercials. To prove it, he recited the advertisements on the spot. I couldn’t be more surprised then, I’d say.
Now, Pizza Hut has been his top priority. When he gets good marks in school, and when he makes progress in his study, or celebrate some important days like children’s day, birthdays, he often chooses pizza hut. I’m really surprised to see the influence of TV programs have imposed on our young kids. But till now, I’m happy to see the influence is still positive.


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On July 9th, Chinese women’s double players, Zheng Jie and Yan Zi, won the championship after a tough contest against a transnational counterpart from Argentina and Spain. This is a historic victory for Chinese women tennis players. This is also the second grand slam title the girls have won in this year. Their first title they got was the Australian Open.

I really admire the girls for their great achievements in the events. Why do Chinese girls always do much better than the boys. I barely hear any Chinese male players show up in the international tennis events. Not just tennis,boys should feel ashamed of their poor performance in football, volleyball and basketball.

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Brazilians Sent Home!

The French team indeed won a surprisingly superexcellent victory last night. The unflagging Gallic rooster disarrayed the rhythmic Brazilian Samba. Once deemed as one of the hottest teams for the championships, the Brazilians might have been carried away or burdened with too much pressure. The French, however, was at a comparatively advantageous position because they were not favored by most fans. Yet they finally accomplished a great wonder. So exciting, yet so unpredictable! This is maybe where the fascination of football lies. Such is football game. 文章引用自:

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