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I heard a story over the radio about a teacher and his student last night.
It took place many years ago, when the student was a naughty and playful boy, making troubles everywhere. At last, the school master could not bear it any more and decided to dismiss the boy. One of the teachers, however, insisting that the boy was not that hopeless, asked the schoolmaster to let the boy stay.  He thought the boy was bright though he was mischievous, and believed that he could inculcate the boy if he adopted the right methods. The teached paid much attention to the boy. Encouraged by him, the boy made progress rapidly. Afterwards, he entered a famous high school.
For almost 20 years, the student worked very hard until he achieved success in his career: he became a millionair by dealing in garments. Though he had not contacted his teacher for almost 20years, he never forgot to repay his teacher’s kindness.
When he visited his 80 year-old teacher one day and saw his teacher’s small and crowded and narrow house, he decided to buy a house for him (RMB200,000!)

The teacher is worthy of esteem because he has given the boy the most valuable wealth in his life: confidence. And the student deserves our respect because he knows ” one good turn deserves another”.  More valuable is, the boy knows well that the confidence the teacher has given him is more precious than the wealth he’s gained.


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Italians must have exulted with ecstasy last night. With a penalty kick by Totti, they finally sent Australians back home from Germany. Fans of Italian team all over the world were raptured with the success. One of those fans was a Chinese commentator who completely forgot himself during the match, unable to recollect what he had said when the match was being televised to almost a billion spectators in China. After the match, he said he was so excited that he couldn’t control himself. He had also forgot what he had said, too. Even worse, he declared he hoped the Australians to be defeated, Aussies should go back home. I am really disappointed with what Huang Jianxiang has done. As a sports commentator, he lacks a fundamental personal trait: objectiveness. We can easily tell from what he had said that he favors Italians and outpours his dislike, or even hatred for Aussies ( We can hardly know where such hatred comes from). It’s your job to commentate on the game, but it is not fair that you impose your personal feelings on the viewers. At the end of the match, he became hysterical and even got incoherent in what he was saying. What is a qualified commentator? What type of commentator do we need? As one of the billions of viewers,I just want to watch the game, not to listen to those swellheaded yellings.

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